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From contract signature to first sale in less than 4 weeks

Lenzerheide Motor Classics, "World's Highest Racetrack", launches LMC Digital Event Platform

Every year in June, Lenzerheide Motor Classics (LMC) welcomes Classic Car enthusiasts to one of one of the coolest, toughest and most established motorsport events in Switzerland.

For the 2020 edition of the spectacle, the LMC Digital Event Platform was launched. The platform was designed to boost the extraordinary experience of this event for drivers, fans and sponsors.

The platform not only manages LMC’s driver and rider admissions but also brings additional services such as hotel bookings, catering services, or merchandising to the benefit of all participants of the event. And, of course, provides all relevant information in the blink of an eye.

The platform comes with built-in marketing analysis which makes the event even more attractive for sponsors. And last but not least, integrated accounting services and financial reporting are boosting the efficiency of the LMC organisation. 

The LMC Event Platform is based on Odoo and was designed and implemented by Digital Advisory Group, the expert for Digital Ecosystems globally.


From a good gut feeling to financial control without budget-busting

xPlain integrates financial accounting  via webservice into their business software for public prosecutors

The Webservice comes with

  • Financial accounting;

  • Accounts receivable;

  • Accounts payable;

  • Invoicing & reporting;

  • Financial closure & reconciliation;

  • Partner management;

and more... - unusual wear for playful kids

Kiids  Gear is an  ever-changing  collection of children's clothes and accessories  designed and handcrafted right here  in the United States. My line is creative, colorful, full of humor and totally amusing. It encourages play and creativity in young kids and lets their imagination run wild.

Digital Marketing is key in our business. Digital Advisory Group's platform runs our webshop. But essentially, it drives digital interactions with our customers.      

1-click business integration for mobile apps

Odoo xml-rpc client

With the Odoo xml-rpc client, community developer Serkan Özdemir has enabled previously disconnected apps to use complex ERP services. Digital Advisory Group supports the further development and contributes preconfigured business processes for improved usability.

With the Odoo xml-rpc client, every app can be quickly and cost-effectively integrated into the cloud-based Odoo ERP. The xml-rpc client not only establishes and manages Odoo connectivity for an app, but also comes with preconfigured business processes.

With just one click, each app can start a complex ERP workflow that triggers an invoice, updates contact details, or updates the status of a lead.