Why with us?


Because of our key points

Money - Speed - Investment protection


Odoo Business Plattform

If you go online, you want to invest your money where it comes back: in your USP. However, in order to run your business, you need a comprehensive commercial infrastructure which does not devour the budget for your core business.

This is where the Odoo Business Application Suite is kicking in. The open source based platform provides a complete business infrastructure at an affordable price. Thus, you're using your financial resources to drive your business rather than operate the infrastructure.

The Odoo Business platform is developed by Odoo S.A. The company was founded 2004 in Belgium, has a global presence and its solution is used by around 4 million users worldwide.

The Odoo Business Platform comprises of around 30 main applications, which are fully integrated with one another. The open source model has led to the fact that more than 15,000 specific business applications have been developed by partners and are generally available in the Odoo app store.

Odoo applications are subscribed. The subscriptions can be canceled at any time at the end of the month. All required Odoo subscriptions are included in the Digital Advisory Group offerings. 

Digital Advisory Group is an official Odoo partner. 



GitFlow Workflow

The Gitflow Workflow defines a strict branching model designed around the project release. A robust framework for managing larger projects. 

GitFlow is perfectly suited to collaboration and scaling international development teams. This perfectly supports our paradigms of Software Development:

  • We follow a strong open source approach. Program code is fully available for customers;

  • Our code is hosted and managed in GitHub prepositories (public or private);

  • Thanks to GitFlow, our time-to-market is nearly unbeatable;

  • We are a member of a global network of Developers; and

  • We offer highly competitive development rates;

Investment protection

Open Source Software

Open source means largely free availability of software, thus protection of your investments. 

To the benefit of our customers, our software is developed under common open source license models. You as a customer have free access to the code at any time. 

On the other hand, the Odoo business platform is also largely available under open source license terms. This enables us to extend Odoo software at the needs of our customers. 

Finally, the open source approach allows us to engage with the worldwide network of community software developers. A win-win situation for our customers, software developers, and ourselves.