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Increasing the re-location of business to the internet makes smart Online Portals more and more a critical success factor for every company.

Customers' demands on a website go beyond the availability of information and web shops, and a company must be able to build and maintain digital relationships with its customers.

To be digitally successful, a company must

  • communicate with customers via their preferred channels, e.g. Digital Marketing or Social Media;  

  • attract new customers through Digital Interactions, e.g. through gamification;

  • Identify customer needs and make tailored offers quickly accessible;

Digital Advisory Group helps companies achieve this level of online business. We build and operate Digital Business Platforms that can do this.

Please continue reading if you want to learn how.

We build on platform.

Business needs a strong technical and commercial infrastructure. We use the Odoo Business Application Suite for that. Then, we build value-adding customer applications on top and let them benefit from the underlying end-to-end infrastructure. 

More than 4 Million users worldwide use the Odoo platform. It comes with more than 30 fully integrated business modules such as Financial Accounting, CRM, Social Media etc. Designed as cloud application, Odoo is available immediately at affordable price.   

If required, Odoo perfectly co-operates with other websites or digital platforms.   

We count on Open Source.

Odoo is mainly Open Source and managed in Github repositories. Thus, Odoo can be extended as required and even complex third-party systems can be easily integrated. 

One of the coolest aspect here is the usage of Cloud-based API's such as Google Geo-Location or Vision AI. These Microservices bring both attraction and added value for your customers at remarkably little effort.  

We utilize speed.

As a company, we are part of a global network of software developers. This gives us quick access to the experts which are needed to develop your specific application. 

We also use GitFlow project management method which supports Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) in distributed project organizations. What it means is that new software is deployed within hours or days, rather than weeks or even months.   

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Visit us: Our office is located in the northwest of Zurich.