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Software for the Cloud

We build robust, highly scalable and flexible software that can be quickly adopted to new needs. We use cloud-native technologies which support fast and frequent changes without impacting delivery.

Fast development and deployment

Our cloud-native approach significantly reduces development time of your software. DevOps practices allow us to build ready-to-deploy containerized applications and quickliy respond to your change requests. If required, we can deliver serveral daily updates without shutting down your services.   


Cost efficiency

We always start your software projects on top of a comprehensive and mature set of solution components. Brandable Websites and Apps are available from the beginning, while pre-configured business workflows can easily be optimized for your needs. Your financial resources will be used at the highest efficiency. 

Innovation Readiness 

We understand Innovation Readiness as an approach to develop products and services that align Digital Business Models with market demand. Our ability to create innovative software is therefore a key component in the digitalization strategy of our customers.

Some examples are showcased here:

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Driving New Ways of Working

The Workpoinz platform is designed to help remote teams or distributed workforces to stay connected, to organize themselves, and to collaborate in the New World of Work.

 Mobile-first Campaiging and Community Building.

 Enterprise wide searches to find people, teams, clients, responsibilities, and much more.

 Mobile booking of meeting rooms, company cars, work equipment from wherever you are.

Digital Concierge and Signage Services for visitors and employees.

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Odoo based Business Solutions

Odoo is one of the fastest growing business software for companies worldwide ranging from startups to large enterprises. Odoo thrives in a unique and fully open ecosystem combining the resources of its community and partners to deliver a full range of easy-to-use, integrated, and scalable business applications. 

Digital Business and Marketing

Digital Advisory Group is an offizieller Odoo Partner  since 2019 with a distinct focus on Digitization of business models. Our solutions include branded Apps to provide users with mobile-first experience, and Digital Marketing integration to extend reach and conversion rate of our customers.

An open infrastructure for your business

As an Open Source based platform, Odoo supports easy development of specific services or integration of Microservices on top of the business infrastructure. We have done this in many projects and are still impressed by the amazing results.

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