Cloud Enablement

Software Development

iOS Development

Our user-friendly and business-driven apps leverage the power of the iOS platform.  

SwiftUI  -  UIKit   -   MVVM   -   MVI   -   URLSession   -   Realm

Android Development

We design and deliver high-class Android apps which seamlessly work across devices, platforms, and use cases.

Kotlin   -   RxJava   -   Moshi   -   Dagger   -   Fresco   -   Room   -   Jetpack Compose UI

Web Development

Our scalable, dynamic, and feature-rich web applications deliver competitive digital solutions aligned with your business objectives.

React   -   Next.js   -   Redux   -   Material-UI   -   HTML   -   CSS   -   MongoDB   -   PostgreSQL   -   MySQL

UI/UX Design

We design awesome apps tailored to specific business needs.

HTML5   -   CSS3   -   AJAX   -   Wireframes

Microservice Integration

We break down complex infrastructures into composable building blocks built for specific use cases.


Do you want to become a speed deployment expert?

 DevOps Workflow

"The days of annual releases, with a pre-defined feature set bundled onto compact discs and delivered to retailers, are far behind us"

Efficient software development heavily relies on deployment workflows. DevOps makes Development and Operations working together already in the development process. That makes DevOps the methodology of choice when software should be made available to customers as quickly and securely as possible.  

DevOps workflow involves:

  • Continuous development
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous testing
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Continuous delivery and deployment

We use DevOps and container-based virtualization to deliver new software to customers as soon as it is available.  And we offer our expertise in design and implementation of deployment pipelines to our customers. 

Please find below an overview of our related services.

Git Integration

We create your account on GitHub or GitLab and make it available to you. We deliver credentials for accounts or access tokens. If required, we help you to install Git software on your local computers.

Git Workflow

We identify and implement the appropriate Git workflow. This guarantees highest efficiency of the deployment cycle. Depending on the complexity of development teams or applications, centralized or feature branching git workflows is the design of choice .

Docker Images

Container virtualization with Docker images is an extremely safe and efficient way of software deployment and version control. We help you to dockerize and host your applications. Or we do that for you.

Application monitoring

Our monitoring keeps you posted on resource requirements, crucial events or security issues. It alarms you in the case of an uncontrolled outage. It also provides you with action points or workflows to manage forseen or unforseen situations. 

CI/CD Pipelines

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery/deployment (CD) accelerate the code release process and help with deployment. CI/CD pipelines automate this deployment process and make it even more efficient. We can help you to benefit from these DevOps practices. 

Do you need DevOps experts?